Lucy RoseLucy Rose is a talented English singer and songwriter who I came across quite accidentally while sightseeing across the internet one day. In addition to playing an assortment of wind and percussion instruments, she also taught herself how to play the guitar.

She creates her songs in an almost organically grown sort of manner, guitar in hand, creating melodies and chord combinations coupled with words, as opposed to sitting down with an idea for a song, writing the words out and then fitting music around it (or even the other way round).

Lucy’s voice sounds like a smoky combination of Leslie Feist and Fiona Apple, most poignantly demonstrated here in this first track that’s I’d like to introduce her to you with; this is Night Bus.

Lucy moved to London and performed at assorted open mic events all over the city, where she ran into (and became good friends with) Bombay Bicycle Club. The following track is a very informal looking recording of a very soulful song called Gamble Like I Used To. It’s quite clear how her voice creates this vibrant and varied landscape of sound coupled with the sound of solitary feathery notes plucked off an acoustic guitar.

This is Middle of The Bed, her first released single, followed by the very soulful Scar and Place.

I’d sourced these videos off YouTube about two weeks before I wrote this article out. While I was actually writing these words out, listening to her as I typed, I came across this gem of a song All I’ve Got, recorded at the Beatnik Sessions.

Right after which, I came across this track. This is a particularly raw recording, with the sound of traffic and birds acting as a very live background score to her music (without actually interfering with it). This sound is an almost therapeutically contrasting alternative to that auto-tuned, electronic, manufactured sound that litters the landscape of what we know as contemporary music. This is a song called Shiver.

You can find a lot more info and details about new releases and gigs (predominantly across the UK) from her official website,
If you like this music (and if you have good taste, you will) please spread and share this far and wide, good music is meant for all ears.

Special thanks to YouTube channels and users WatchListenTell, BeatnikOnline, City SessionsUK and TomSwindell for all the videos.